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If You Apply The “2-Minute” Rule To Your Creative Life

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3 Strategies For Bringing Peace To Your Sphere Of Influence

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Is there anything else I should know?

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Using “The Lawyer Technique”

You need a “big girl bed”

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The Best Things In Life Come To Us Slowly

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The Most Important Lessons In Life Are Caught — Not Taught

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It’s Ok To Not Know What You Don’t Know — But It’s Not OK To Stay That Way

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These 7 Maneuvers Will Help You Avoid Them

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5 practical steps to living your best story right now

Couresy of Ryan Douglas Martin’s iphone
Couresy of Ryan Douglas Martin’s iphone
Courtesy of Ryan Douglas Martin’s iPhone

“Life is like a story, you’ve only got so many pages, so use them well.” — Kaisley Grace Martin

Ryan Douglas Martin

Husband. Father. Hope Writer. Jesus follower. Published in The Ascent, The Writing Cooperative, & Koinonia among others.

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